A bizarro recent sci-fi film enters another reality on streaming

A bizarro recent sci-fi film enters another reality on streaming

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Think The Matrix meets Pleasantville meets a much (much) softer version of Requiem For A Dream. If that sounds enticing and not at all like putting ketchup on your spaghetti (and adding some Skittles for fun), then we’ve got the movie for you.

Chances are, you’ll have a friend to talk about it with as well. The super bizarro and almost entertaining 2021 film, Bliss is shooting up the streaming charts, not unlike its main characters (it’s about drug use, in case that joke went up in smoke).

With Salma Hayek and Owen Wilson at the forefront it would seem on the surface that Bliss would have been a stellar movie. We’ve seen the two lovely folks recently; Hayek hit some great highs in both House of Gucci and Eternals last year, and Wilson was an absolute gem in Loki.

Turns out its just the opposite, though, as the movie keeps letting you know, not so subtly, that nothing on the surface is as it seems. Or is it? You gotta watch till the end to find out for sure, but even then, can you be sure? If those sentences made you happy, then definitely queue up Bliss and get going. The thriller that released in February 2021 has been catching on again this month. It’s actually rocketing up the charts, spiking nearly 30 spots today on Amazon Prime. It’s a classic case of seeing some actors that you really like with a premise that seems like it should bring the goods. You might as well check it out, right?

The premise here is that Greg Wittle (Wilson) sees his world spiraling out of control, and he possibly has been committing some horrible crimes. He then meets up with Isabel (Hayek), who ropes him into doing some sort of weird crystal drug that supposedly teaches him telekinesis. Things keep getting stranger and stranger. Isabel is able to convince Greg that they live in a simulation where life is a total drag. Out in the real world, things are beautiful, or blissful, if you will. Are things getting zany because of this alternate world that Isabel has created or, is because he got high?

Depending on your mindset when you watch this movie, you could glean some value out of it and make it a movie you love…or more likely love to hate.  

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