A dystopian disaster with an A-grade cast holes up on the streaming Top 10


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A stacked ensemble cast isn’t always a guarantee of quality, but hopes were nonetheless high heading into Drew Pearce’s feature-length directorial debut Hotel Artemis, which came packing an A-list roster and one hell of an intriguing high concept premise.

The sort of adult-skewing genre fare that Hollywood isn’t particularly interested in producing anymore, Jodie Foster delivers a reliably excellent performance in the lead role of the Nurse, who operates the titular facility in 2028 Los Angeles. The Hotel Artemis is a safe haven for thieves and criminals to get patched up, rest, and recuperate before moving onto their next set of nefarious deeds, except the night the narrative unfolds brings a threat more dangerous and deadly than ever before.

via Lionsgate

Backing Foster are the esteemed likes of Sterling K. Brown, Sofia Boutella, Dave Bautista, Charlie Day, Bryan Tyree Henry, Zachary Quinto, Jeff Goldblum, Josh Duhamel, and more, but despite the incredible pedigree on display, the end product never really manages to get out of first gear.

Hotel Artemis tanked at the box office, too, failing to even recoup the modest $15 million production budget, with Pearce yet to direct another project in the four years since. However, big names can always be relied on to draw a crowd on streaming, with the top-tier talent proving enticing enough to hook Hulu subscribers.

As per FlixPatrol, Hotel Artemis can currently be found as the sixth most-watched title on the platform’s rankings, as it continues to edge towards the cult classic status it always seemed destined for from the outside looking in.

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