An ensemble Marvel movie goes to war for control of the streaming charts

An ensemble Marvel movie goes to war for control of the streaming charts

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Without question, the colossal MCU is synonymous with creating blockbuster cinematic hits that invite moviegoers and Marvel fanatics around the world to swarm to their nearest theater. And no matter what director Martin Scorsese has to say, films within the Marvel umbrella accumulate jaw-dropping earnings at the box office and attach a hefty budget tag that always pays off in the end. Out of the stellar lineup of Marvel movies, Avengers: Infinity War has gone down in history as one of the best in the superhero catalog.

Directed by notable duo Joe and Anthony Russo, Avengers: Infinity War served as a threequel to the two previous Avengers movies. While its predecessors both received favorable reviews, the majority of Marvel diehards will die on the hill that Infinity War is the superior Avengers movie and the undisputed best in the MCU by a mile.

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Infinity War memorably sports an ensemble cast and focuses on the superhero group Avengers as they clash with supervillain Thanos to prevent him from stockpiling all six of the mighty Infinity Stones. In the end, its star-studded cast and exhilarating plot points helped the film to gross over $2 billion worldwide and boast an 85 percent Fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Years later, the popularity surrounding the superhero mega-hit remains unmatched, with the film now going to war with other movies on streaming to claim the top spot. As per FlixPatrol, Avengers: Infinity War has jumped a mountainous number of places to sneak into the Top 10 on Disney Plus, which echoes the movie’s permanent legacy in cinema.

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