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There have been bizarre traffic violation challans, like a Harley-Davidson rider fined for playing music on the speakers that come factory-fitted on the bike. But ding, ding, ding! We have a winner at the world’s oddest traffic violation fine game show! An Ather 450X rider was fined for not being able to produce pollution under control (PUC) certificate. A not-so-classic facepalm moment indeed.
A set of photographs from the matter have emerged on social media platforms, one of which is a traffic police challan issued on 6 September in Neelanchery, Malappuram, Kerala. The challan has been issued against an Ather 450X which is a fully-electric scooter that emits no emissions, in fact, doesn’t have an exhaust at all. Because, y’know, electric!
The receipt also mentions Section 213(5)(e) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 under which the rider has been fined a sum of Rs 250. According to reports, this is not the first odd reason Kerala traffic police have cited for fining a road user. In July, a man was fined for riding his motorcycle ‘without sufficient fuel with passengers’.

There’s more. An incident from Uttar Pradesh where a car owner was fined for not wearing a helmet while driving. As long as it was not a race track, the police were clearly and ridiculously being unreasonable.
Social media users have appealed to Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari to look into the issue. A Twitter user tagged Ather Energy CEO Tarun Mehta, to which he responded by simply tweeting: “Sigh”. Rather an appropriate response.
How else would one react to such indifference. EVs do not have tail pipe emissions and are now very clearly demarcated with green licence plates. Indeed, sigh.

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