Ben Affleck’s Batman enters the chat as the superhero eye acting debate rages on

batman v superman dawn of justice

via Warner Bros.

As ridiculous as it sounds on paper, there’s been a rising groundswell of support that finds fans of certain superhero blockbusters praising actors for giving impeccable acting performances using nothing but their eyes.

Sure, they may be the window to the soul and all that, but having your face covered by a mask for the majority of an action-packed and CGI-heavy comic book spectacular means that a lot of the heavy lifting is done by stunt doubles and the VFX team, with the stretching of those ocular acting muscles only really taking place when the hero is in their civilian guise.

However, following hot on the heels of the widespread adulation that greeted the eye acting performances of Robert Pattinson in The Batman and Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Redditors have unanimously agreed that Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight is also worthy of being added to the Hall of Fame for his cracked cowl work in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Yes, it happens in the Martha scene that’s been meme’d to death and defended by Zack Snyder for what feels like forever, but it can’t be denied that Affleck’s Bruce Wayne sells his rage, guilt, and ultimately confusion phenomenally by using nothing more than two tiny peepers poking out of his hulking armored Batsuit.

Trying to give an top-tier turn in a mega budget studio flick when your visage is under wraps for all of the biggest moments is not an easy task, so props must be handed to the likes of Affleck, Maguire, and Pattinson for knocking it out of the park.

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