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Haryana based EV startup, E-Fill Electric, launched its own L5 category E-Auto (Loader) and X4 series dual gun public EV charger at the EV India Expo 2022 on September 7. The EV maker claims that the LIFT E-Auto (LIFT-EA) will rival the recently launched Tata Ace electric LCV and will be more affordable. It will also feature a payload capacity of up to 1.5 tonnes and other modern features.


The L5 category LIFT-EA will feature a 7kW motor and 14.5kWh BNEW battery pack. It has a 140 cubic feet loading area and can tackle up to 11 degree gradient height. It also comes with a digital instrument cluster, ergonomic seating and a covered top box. E-Fill Electric has announced that its L5 category E-Auto will go on sale on January 1, 2023.


Mayank Jain, Founder & CEO, E-Fill Electric Charging Solutions, says, “We are the only start-up which is working on the complete EV Eco-system. E-Fill provides electric vehicles, and it is an electric car charging station manufacturer in India. The prime focus of E-Fill Electric is on product innovation and customer satisfaction. E-Fill aims to enable a tech-driven transition to electric mobility in the country.”

(Left) Rupak Jha, Co-founder - (Right) Mayak Jain, CEO and Founder, E-Fill Electric

(Left) Rupak Jha, Co-founder – (Right) Mayak Jain, CEO and Founder, E-Fill Electric

E-Fill’s EV charger is an X4 series 60kW 3-phase DC powered unit that sports CCS2 dual gun connector. It is IP54 rated and features multiple fault protection and an inbuilt earthing protection as well. It also comes with a 7-inch LCD screen, RFID enabled charging solution and a suite of protection features against voltage or load anomalies. The fast charger will be available for sale from October 1, 2022.


Originally an EV charging station manufacturer, E-Fill currently has experts from major OEMs on its board. The company’s product portfolio includes EV Chargers (Slow/ Moderate/ Fast), Cloud-based CMS, E-Fill Mobile Application and Electric Three Wheelers (E- Rickshaw / Loader and L5 Autos).

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