Fans remember the solitary good scene from an infamously awful blockbuster


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Once upon a time, Taylor Kitsch was pegged as Hollywood’s newest A-list superstar, with the actor taking top billing in a pair of blockbuster released weeks apart that cost a combined total of over $450 million to produce. Unfortunately, things did not end well for either John Carter or Battleship.

While the latter emerged as the marginally more successful of the two given that it earned more at the box office and came in at a lower production budget than its sci-fi contemporary, a bomb is a bomb whichever way you try to cut it. From the second the first footage from Battleship was released, the maritime monster was being criticized as looking like a knockoff Michael Bay flick, so at least it managed to deliver on that front.

A full 10 years may not have softened the stance most fans have of the disastrous Battleship, but Redditors have at least singled out a solitary solid scene from the otherwise-tedious exercise in pyrotechnics as having stood the test of time.


In microcosm, the scene in question is cheesy as all hell, with a band of war veterans dusting off their skills to take the Missouri back into the water. However, it’s the cheese that makes it so fun, especially when everyone sells it with a completely straight face, despite the fact it might just be the most ridiculous moment in a board game adaptation that inexplicably found itself turned into a $200 million summer tentpole revolving around an alien invasion.

Battleship is nowhere near a good movie, but it does have its moments, something a surprising amount of people can agree on.

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