Fawad Khan tried Christian Bale and Aamir Khan’s drastic transformation; reveals he was hospitalised, kidneys shut down – Times of India

Pakistani actor Fawad Khan, who was most recently seen in the Marvel series ‘Ms Marvel’, has warned fans about the ‘dark underbelly’ of drastic celebrity transformations.

The actor, who is our promoting his film ‘The Legend of Maula Jatt’, said he learnt the hard way about undertaking these physical transformations. He revealed that his desire to gain weight for a role and shed it all, lead to him being hospitalised and almost 3 months in recovery.

In an interview with Something Haute, Fawad revealed that bulking up for the role was something he would never do again and called it a “questionable” choice which “negatively affected me.”

Unabashed to speak of the realities of undergoing these so-called glorious transformations, he warned fans that There is a dark underbelly to all of this and said, “people should know that when you make these decisions, it is taking a huge toll on your health.”

He revealed that in a mere ten days, “I was hospitalised. My kidneys shut down.” Khan also added that it took him about 3 months to recover from the damage of the extreme transformation.

The actor also added that since he is diabetic, it affected his physical health. “I am not Christian Bale but I tried to do what he does, even Aamir Khan for that matter,” he said.

Christian Bale, known for dramatic transformations, made headlines when he gained 40 pounds and spent hours in hair and makeup to portray Dick Cheney in ‘Vice’. The role won him an Oscar nod for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in 2018.

Aamir, on the other hand, gained almost 30 kgs for his role in ‘Dangal’. That’s not all, the actor later lost all the extra pounds to play his character’s younger self in the movie.

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