‘Fist of Fury’ fan edit proves Bruce Lee would have been the ultimate Jedi in a ‘Star Wars’ movie

Bruce Lee as Chen Zhen, Fist of Fury (1972)

Image via Golden Harvest

Imagine, if only for a moment, the possibilities that would crop up from in a world of post-late-stage Hollywood a la Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers. In that film, we caught glimpses of an imagined E.T. vs. Batman movie, symbolizing a world that has run out of ideas, yet somehow gerrymanders more evocative, if cursed, ones out of it.

What else could possibly come from such a world? An Umbrella Academy cameo in the MCU? John Wick joining the Ghostbusters? It would be an endless fountain of hazardously absurd entertainment, but one redditor has taken it a step further with a particularly mouth-watering mashup scene.

The scene in question reimagines a combat sequence from Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury, now with both participants wielding lightsaber weapons from the Star Wars series; “Chen Kenobi” suddenly has a fantastic ring to it.

One user commended the original poster’s creativity, giving a special nod to Chen Zhen’s pair of yellow lightsaber nunchakus, and going on to dream up other weapons that may be fun to see in lightsaber form.

This prompted others to remind everyone that the idea of lightsaber nunchakus are technically already in the Star Wars canon. The reference comes from a comic book in which a young Obi-Wan presented the concept to Qui-Gon, who presumably shot the idea down in order to keep with the lightsaber tradition. Now we know who to blame.

Perhaps movie magic and a dystopic collapse of the public domain will one day allow us to see a digitally-resurrected Bruce Lee make his way to a galaxy far, far away, eyeing a spectacular showdown with the one and only Darth Norris.

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