‘Knives Out 2’ director Rian Johnson tweets out literal Easter egg

Daniel Craig in 'Knives Out'

Image via Lionsgate

To unearth the hidden Easter eggs in movies, shows, teasers, and trailers, usually you got to do a bit of digging and sleuthing.

Self-proclaimed “Gentleman sleuth” Rian Johnson will have none of that.

The director of the upcoming Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, who has Colombo (if ya don’t, definitely look him up) as his Twitter background, went ahead and literally presented fans with an Easter egg — actually one better, it’s an egg from Niantic’s Pokémon Go, although most responding to Rian’s post have likened it to Nintendo’s Yoshi.

Johnson accompanied the photo with a single word, a question actually, “Oh?”

Peeling things back a bit, in case you hadn’t put the pieces together, “Glass Onion” is also the name of a self-referential, amazing, and highly hilarious The Beatles song in which they poke fun at some of the silliness of their songs and the emotions their song titles evoked.

You could say the song itself is one long sing-song Easter egg, in fact.

We’re pretty sure there’s a rhyme and reason to Johnson calling the Daniel Craig-led Knives Out sequel Glass Onion, and there’s probably layers and actual hidden Easter eggs throughout the film we’ll absolutely be on the lookout for.

Fans for sure picked up on the egg being one that hatches a Yoshi and shared their love for the character, and for Johnson.

And some are ready for Johnson to direct a Yoshi or Pokémon movie or even a Yoshi Knives Out mystery.

And one fan got our minds and hearts all in a tizzy with their two-word Tweet that simply reads, “Grogu egg.” Oh to have him come back to the Star Wars universe for some Mando-Grogu action.

Following the egg Tweet, Johnson was quick to post the very first teaser trailer for Glass Onion, as well as a poster for the film that features only Craig, a suitcase, and a lot of open water and hills behind him.

And…could it be that there are a lot more Knives Out stories to come after this one and the already booked third film he’s on board for already? Or just that there is more Glass Onion material he’ll release leading up to the film’s release? Hard to say from his cryptic Tweet that showed his glee with everything Glass Onion.

“Couldn’t be prouder of this cast, crew, and movie… much, much more to come,” he Tweeted.

As we reported earlier, Glass Onion is debuting at the 47th Toronto International Film Festival, which runs Sep. 8-18. 23, 2022. Then the film will have a limited theatrical release in November before hitting Netflix on Dec. 23 of this year.

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