Latest Marvel News: MCU fans are in heaven as ‘She-Hulk’ goes to hell, setting the stage for 2 fiery new characters

Tatiana Maslany in 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law'

Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

Happy Disney Plus Day, people! While the Mouse House’s big day has perhaps turned out more muted than expected due to the lukewarm reception of the Pinocchio remake and others new arrivals like Brie Larson’s docuseries Growing Up flying under the radar, this Thursday was still a gift for Marvel fans, as it delivered both Thor: Love and Thunder‘s streaming debut and the latest episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law ⏤ both of which generated a ton of discussion within the MCU fandom.

Mephisto, Madisynn, and Ghost Rider, oh my!

Ghost Rider MCU series with Mephisto
Image: Hulu / Marvel Comics

While your mileage may vary on the meta humor and twerking, She-Hulk is certainly not disappointing when it comes to its wider MCU connections. Case in point, episode four literally saw the Jade Giantess go to hell, leaving folks convinced that, at long last, Mephisto is finally on his way to the MCU. Additionally, that crooked stage magician Donny Blaze has fans praying that Johnny Blaze’s Ghost Rider is coming, too. The biggest and most undeniable treat the episode gave us, however, has to be the introduction of Madisynn, Wongers’ unlikely new bestie and the gift that just kept on giving.

Disney Plus Day reopens old wounds

guardians of the galaxy
Image via Marvel Studios

Oh, Thor: Love and Thunder, we had such high hopes for you! Taika Waititi’s follow-up failed to measure up to the lofty heights of Ragnarok in terms of fan affection earlier this summer, and now that it’s up on Disney Plus for us all to revisit at our leisure, people are still roasting it to high heaven Valhalla. It turns out that Disney tried to fix a widely mocked bit of VFX for the streaming release, only to make it arguably even worse.

Jon Hamm talks getting sinister in the MCU

Image via Marvel Comics

X-Men experts will be aware that John Hamm was supposed to play Mr. Sinister in Fox’s franchise had that ended up continuing past The New Mutants. While we can all agree that it was a mercy killing for Marvel Studios to put that universe out to pasture, it’s a shame we never got see Hamm as Nathaniel Essex. The good news is that the Mad Men icon is not ruling out the opportunity to play him in the MCU. “I[t] would be a fun person to play, that’s for sure,” he told ComicBookMovie. “I look good in purple, I’ll put it that way.”

When good trailers go bad

spider-man captain america civil war
Image via Marvel Studios

On the whole, Marvel Studios is pretty strong as knowing what to show and what to hold back in the marketing for its movies, but sometimes it definitely reveals more than we wanted to know. Fans have been recalling the times when an MCU trailer blew them away with a major bombshell…then left them feeling deflated that they were robbed of seeing that moment in its proper context. Examples folks mentioned include Professor X being in Doctor Strange 2, Daredevil in She-Hulk, and, of course, Spider-Man’s big entrance in Captain America: Civil War.

Tune in tomorrow, True Believers, for another Marvel news roundup.

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