Madhuri Dixit feels female actors are getting versatile roles in their 40s while 90s heroes are still playing ‘lover boys’ – Times of India

Madhuri Dixit, who is all set for her upcoming OTT film, ‘Maja Ma’, recently opened up about how 90s heroines are doing much-evolved roles in films and series as compared to their male counterparts.

In an interview with a news portal, Madhuri spoke about how OTT platforms have helped female actresses to get good work even in their 40s. According to the actress, OTT and the kind of stories that are being told, there are no commercial constraints to make the film a hit. She also went on to point out how stories are maturing, the audience is maturing, and storytelling is maturing. People are consuming better content. There are so many stories about women that are being made.

Elaborating further, Madhuri added that female actors from the 90s are getting much more evolved roles than male stars. The actress jokingly stated how women are more mature than men. According to her, you have to go to your higher intelligence and think about it. Madhuri also added that she cannot blame the heroes also because of the kind of commercial films that are made, they need to do a song, dance and all. So, they are always looking for something that keeps them young, which is not bad, the actress told Indian Express.

Madhuri also added that as a woman, what Juhi Chawla, Raveena Tandon and she are doing is that they are going forward in life and they are true to themselves on screen as well.

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