Netflix teases the addition of everyone’s favorite 2022 Marvel film

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Soon, Netflix will be able to say the words that have been on everyone’s lips throughout 2022. Yes, it’s the new superhero catchphrase that’s taken the world by storm, launched a million memes, delighted audiences around the world, and confused the hell out of Sony Pictures executives. That’s right folks…

Yes, Morbius is now available to view on Netflix. The long-delayed Jared Leto movie was released in theaters on April 1 to a critical drubbing and disinterested audiences. But the film proved to have a secondary life on social media, with people having fun ironically praising the movie and its heroes’ supposed catchphrase.

Morbius’ box office failure, but social media success so bewildered Sony that they re-released it in theaters, though online popularity didn’t translate to sold tickets. Since then, the film has been illicitly streamed to millions of people via Twitch, and now anyone morbidly curious can see it as part of a Netflix sub.

However, most who check it out will discover that sadly Morbius never actually says “It’s Morbin’ time” and that despite the very funny memes the film is a disjointed and extremely boring slog, even at a scanty 104 minutes. Everything we’ve heard since its release indicates it was essentially taken away from director Daniel Espinosa and substantially cut back and reworked. The rancid cherry on top is the nonsensical credits scene with Michael Keaton’s Vulture, which just doesn’t make much sense.

But who knows, maybe Morbius will finally find its audience and we can start looking forward to Morbius 2: Electric Morb-aloo.

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