Netflix’s latest mundane original ignores bad reviews to hit #1 in 27 countries

End Of The Road

Cr: Ursula Coyote/NETFLIX

When it comes to bulletproof forms of cinema, Netflix originals are right up there with superhero blockbusters when it comes to finding continued success regardless of what the critics think. Anything bearing the streaming service’s logo that can’t be found anywhere else is virtually guaranteed to make a splash, with End of the Road the latest to hit big in spite of poor reviews.

The recent likes of Resident Evil, Echoes, The Man from Toronto, Day Shift, and Me Time have all topped the film and television charts at one stage or another despite not coming close to achieving anything even remotely resembling acclaim, and with identical critical and user scores of 29 percent on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing, End of the Road falls firmly in the same boat.

Queen Latifah is at the wheel with Ludacris riding shotgun
Image via Netflix

And yet, the crime thriller has still managed to become the number one feature on the platform’s global most-watched charts this weekend, and it’s done so with plenty of style. As per FlixPatrol, not only has End of the Road secured a Top 10 position in no less than 79 countries, but it’s also managed to hit number one in an impressive 27 of them.

Queen Latifah heads up the cast as Brenda, who finds a cross-country road trip taken with her two kids and brother taking a turn for the worst. After witnessing a murder, the family find themselves being pursued by the killer, who wants to shut them up for good. Stranded with nowhere to turn for help, the hard-nosed Brenda needs to fight tooth and nail to keep her loved ones not just safe, but alive long enough to make it to safety.

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