‘Shrek’ fans debate whether of not ‘Shrek 2’ is the best of the franchise

'Shrek' fans debate whether of not 'Shrek 2' is the best of the franchise

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The Shrek films are pretty much beloved by all, with the film’s premise turning the fantasy romance trope completely on its head as that great green ogre finds a place in all our hearts. There are four films in total, and some are more favored than others but now fans are demanding that the second film gets the acclaim it deserves, even above the original.

Shrek was first brought alive on our screens way back in 2001 (making everyone over the age of 25 feel rather old indeed) and with the success of that first film it has gone on to become one of the highest-grossing animated franchises of all time. Shrek was born from a grudge held against Disney’s feature animation department and decided to take all the things that Disney did in its fairy tales and completely subvert them, something that audiences were absolutely on board with.

Many agree that the golden age for the franchise was the first two films, with the third and fourth unable to bring anything new to the table and leaving audiences less than impressed in many ways. Though it has been some time since a Shrek film graced our screens after the quality in storytelling dipped somewhat towards the end there, the character is still a popular cultural figure.

Shrek 2 is already considered to be one of the strongest of the franchise, with great character development, a wonderful soundtrack including the unforgettable “Holding Out for a Hero” sequence, and a great villain in the form of Jennifer Saunders’ Fairy Godmother. Shrek fans however are debating the pros and cons of both the first and second films in order to decide which one is best.

Many, such as this user, do feel that the second movie is ever so slightly better than the first.

Well of course, if it has Antonio Banderas in it!

Some feel that the addition of the Puss in Boots character is one of the reasons the film is just superior.

A few users are confused as to why anyone would think otherwise.

This fan lays down some solid reasons as to why Shrek 2 is better.

Though, as with any debate, there are some in disagreement.

Though they believe the film works as an excellent sequel, they note that it can’t top the original.

And then this user wants to sit on the fence a little, allowing both films to hold an equal place in their hearts.

Whichever you love, both are deserving of the praise they receive as they brought in a breath of fresh air (or less than fresh considering Shrek’s abode) to the animation industry and creating something truly iconic.

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