Sportmax RTW Spring 2023

Sportmax RTW Spring 2023

In the span of a couple of seasons, the design studio behind Sportmax has elevated it to a playground for experimentation.

This season’s theme hinged on a long debated psychological question: Do shapes have a sound? And what about the opposite? 

Scientists say they do, hence the collection’s raver-inspired theme channeled into dissonant dualities of psychedecouture, of soft and hard edges, chaos and serendipity — the latter two terms spelled out on T-shirts. 

What appeared as an attempt to build a theme around clothing ended up making sense as the show progressed, unfurling as a daring play on proportions.

Stretchy second-skin tops paired with column frocks in neon satin and psychedelic prints, or heart- and flower-shaped, covered second-skin catsuits with a cape trailing on the catwalk as if it were a trippy red-carpet look. 

A tad too experimental even within the context of the every-rule-is-turned-upside-down rule, a column brocade strapless frock and spiked bra top came across as distracting. 

Even ‘90s partygoers with fashion flair can make a misstep. 

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