Taylor Swift has a 35mm cut of ‘All Too Well’ and she’s willing to share it with us soon

Taylor Swift

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Since Taylor Swift announced that she’d be releasing a new album called Midnights in October, time won’t fly for Swifties all around the world, and it’s almost as if they’re paralyzed by it. But it seems as though Miss Americana isn’t going to leave her fans hanging for too long.

Indeed, with the songwriter appearing at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival to unveil a new version of the “All Too Well” short film, this sure feels like the beginning of another epic Swiftie season. Fall being, after all, Taylor’s favorite season, we’re not surprised to see the mega superstar stirring again. It’s been a long time coming.

While we already knew that acclaimed director Taylor Swift had shot “All Too Well” with the 35mm gauge, she made the creative choice to release the film in 4:3, signifying a sense of nostalgic longing in the footage that resonates with the 10-minute version of the song being all about an older Taylor coming to terms with one of the most emotionally taxing moments in her life.

There simply was no other way to go about it, a sentiment that almost every critic echoed when they heaped praise on the short film and her filmmaking chops. That being said, a lot of fans would no doubt appreciate the movie in its original 35mm format, which is why, per Collider, Taylor is making an appearance at TIFF 2022 to screen this never-before-seen version and reveal more details about the behind-the-scenes process.

“Swift joins TIFF CEO Cameron Bailey for the first-ever screening of All Too Well: The Short Film on 35mm, and to discuss filmmaking and the visual aspects of her music,” reads the official TIFF website.

Swift’s directorial effort is eligible for an Academy Award nomination for Best Live Action Film, and she shoots to kill, so look out for more screenings. Maybe we’ll get a classic Taylor Swift Surprised Face at the Oscars.

The panel will be held on Sept. 9, while tickets will become available for public purchase on Sept. 5 here.

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