Watch: Jessica Chastain is ‘The Good Nurse’ in first trailer for true crime-inspired Netflix thriller

Watch: Jessica Chastain is 'The Good Nurse' in first trailer for true crime-inspired Netflix thriller


You’ve already seen The Good Wife, The Good Fight, and The Good Doctor; now it’s The Good Nurse’s time to shine. Netflix has dropped a first-look trailer (which you can check out above) for a major new thriller movie starring two Oscar-winning performers, which is based on a true crime. And if that doesn’t sound like something that seems guaranteed to surf the Netflix algorithm to success, I don’t know what does.

The Good Nurse follows healthcare worker Amy Loughren (The Eyes of Tammy Faye‘s Jessica Chastain) as she looks into a series of mysterious patient deaths and ends up engaged in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the man she believes is responsible, creepy colleague Charles Cullen (Eddie Redmayne, who likewise won an Academy Award for 2014’s The Theory of Everything).

The film dramatizes Charles Graeber’s non-fiction book The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder, a serial killer who used his profession as a nurse to murder up to 40 patients across his career. Just as the movie depicts, authorities praised the real-life Loughren as a vital informant who helped them crack the case and bring Cullen down.

After Tammy Faye, Loughren promises to be a classic, bread-and-butter role for Chastain, so no doubt she’ll turn in another strong portrayal. Conversely, Redmayne is the one playing against type this time around. This may be his first villainous role since his infamous, though admittedly unforgettable, turn in 2015’s Jupiter Ascending.

The Good Nurse is the English language feature debut for Danish director Tobias Lindholm, previously most known for writing Mads Mikkelsen vehicles Another Round and A Taste of Hunger. The thriller, which debuts at Toronto Film Festival this week, appears in limited theaters from Oct. 19 before opening wide on Netflix on Oct. 26.

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