Watch: ‘Wendell & Wild’ trailer teases Jordan Peele’s stop-motion comedy-horror

Watch: 'Wendell & Wild' trailer teases Jordan Peele's stop-motion comedy-horror

It’s time to get spooky as the new trailer for Jordan Peele‘s stop-motion horror, Wendell & Wild, has arrived. 

“Kat, it’s time to face your demons,” the trailer begins before spinning into a spine-tingling spiral of all the things that haunt her nightmares. There’s death, greed, and the inevitable struggle of simply surviving those formidable yet dizzying middle and high school years. 

The film’s central message is simple: be careful what you wish for. It’s not always angels and fairies granting them; sometimes, it’s demons. 

The whole vibe is very Nightmare Before Christmas-esque — which isn’t surprising seeing as, like the trailer states, the same director is behind both projects. Wendell & Wild is billed as a stop-motion horror film, but it will likely serve as a cautionary tale as well.

“Everyone’s got demons,” Kat explains, “my demons have names.” While terrifying, her demons will undoubtedly be up to some mischief to keep audiences laughing too. Wendell & Wild comes from Jordan Peele and Henry Selick (also known for Neil Gaiman adaptation Coraline), after all.

The synopsis for the film reads as follows:

“Two scheming demon brothers, Wendell and Wild, enlist the aid of 13-year-old Kat Elliot (Lyric Ross) to summon them to the Land of the Living.”

Will Kat help the brothers enter the land of the living, or will the wishes turned nightmares give her fuel to condemn them to eternal unrest? We won’t have to wait too long to find out.

Featuring the voices of Peele, his frequent collaborator Keegan-Michael Key, Lyric Ross, Angela Bassett, and James Hong, Wendell & Wild begins streaming on Netflix on Oct. 28, just in time for Halloween.

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